King of the Highlander Brassica clan

Posted Fr, 1/29/2010 by Dave

More than a decade later, Pokémon’s influence still resonates in the collective consciousness of a generation. There are a handful of gaming moments I can point to in my life as true watersheds–Game Genie with the original NES Mario series, first running in three dimensions in Super Mario 64, fighting my way through Earthbound and the trials therein, the final hour of my first ascension in Nethack. Pokémon, too, joins this pantheon. The formula for the game has aged slightly, but few games (perhaps none) have caused a cultural firestorm on the same level, or defined a genre and franchise so powerfully.

In many ways, Facebook is much the same. The internet is defined by diverse experiences–talking with friends about its landscape ten years ago reveals we were residents of many fractured communities, isolated by our interests. Modern megasites like Facebook pull us together in a more fundamental way. It has defined social networking. We are catalogued by our interests, assimilated in an ever-growing database and readily sorted by name, statistics, base data. We can track the societal evolutions of others and collect them all in one permanent record. I think you shall agree when I say…

Facebook is the human Pokédex.

Wow, Doc…

Posted Fr, 1/29/2010 by Joe

I never thought of any of that when I suggested the comic idea. I just liked the pun and thought it’d be funny to see you get smacked with a pokéball.