Oct 31Halloween Spectacular 2016


Oct 30Halloween Spectacular 2015


Oct 31Halloween Spectacular 2014


Dec 25Staying up for Santa
Nov 27Venn Diagram: Classic Rock Edition
Nov 6Halloween Spectacular 2013
Oct 17Five Pint Limit
Aug 31Don’t Desert Me
Jul 31Lolterature 5
Jun 29Baconghast
May 31Dog Improvements
Apr 30Blendair
Mar 25Spirit Quest
Mar 4The Dip of Many Layers
Feb 20Prelude to HUGE
Feb 5You Spin Me Right Round
Jan 20A Softer Apocalypse


Dec 25Joy to the World(s)
Dec 18Liquid Assets
Dec 3Toilet and Trouble
Nov 23Saw it Coming
Nov 16School Lunch
Nov 9Days of Old
Nov 6Since I’ve Found Serenity
Oct 31Halloween Spectacular 2012


Oct 31Halloween Spectacular 2011
Sep 3Neither Snow Nor Bears Nor Gloom of Night
Aug 9The Very Best
Jul 9Goodnight, Food
Jul 6Happy 6th of July
Jun 14Smoothie Fuel
Jun 7Shoulder? I Hardly Know Her!
May 30Farewell To Arms
May 10Drop and Give Me 40 Winks
May 2Season 24 Intro
Apr 28Arm’s Way
Apr 22Angler-Saxin Literature
Apr 152 Fast 2 Ricebeans
Apr 8Season 7 Intro
Apr 1Madness Strikes Again
Mar 30Cupcakes and Comics Guest Strip
Mar 28SPACE 2011
Mar 21Hit Em With That Suplex!
Mar 19Marian
Mar 154HFDA Approved
Mar 9A Brew For Two
Mar 7SPACE Preview 2011
Mar 4Haiku
Mar 2Caveat Rentor
Feb 28Meme Within A Meme
Feb 25The Things We Do For Love
Feb 21Rice n’ Beans 2
Feb 18Rice n’ Beans
Feb 16Pestixtential Crisis
Feb 14Imperial Contracting
Feb 9Should Have Gone Lavamancer
Feb 8The One Show, Here We Come!
Feb 4Any Color You Like, As Long As It’s JUSTICE
Jan 31Man Of Steel
Jan 28Elf Eyes
Jan 26I’ll Get You Next Time, Action Phil!
Jan 24Action Phil and the Lair of the Robots
Jan 21Great Scott!
Jan 17Secret Agent Man
Jan 14Hurrah Forever!
Jan 12At What Price?
Jan 10As One Hero Falls, Another Shall Rise…
Jan 7Think of the Children
Jan 5It’s an Ancient Japanese Art
Jan 3Let Da Gamez Begin!


Dec 31A Very Sketchy New Year
Dec 27A Very Sketchy Holiday
Dec 24Christmas Reunions
Dec 20Derezzed
Dec 17Smooth Operator
Dec 15Jock Talk
Dec 13He Won’t Remember A Thing
Dec 10You Monster
Dec 8Bluff Like The Wind
Dec 6About Time
Dec 3Ted Gets Floppy
Dec 1Activate Nostalgia Circuits
Nov 29Run For Your Life
Nov 26Spy Creepin’ Round Here
Nov 24Out, Damned Scott
Nov 22While The Soul’s Away…
Nov 19Kids These Days
Nov 17A Tale of Two Teds
Nov 15The Moral of the Story
Nov 12Go Time
Nov 10Darwin Was Right
Nov 8Wanted, Dead or Alive
Nov 5No One Gets Out Alive
Nov 1Halloween Spectacular IV
Oct 27And Now For a Brief Intermission
Oct 25Why Time Travel Sucks
Oct 22Multiply by Time
Oct 20Tripping The Light Fantastic
Oct 18Time Enough At Last
Oct 15Leaf This Place
Oct 13PIX Pre Post
Oct 11Kale Me Now
Oct 8Hail Kale
Oct 6Mopedin’ Around
Oct 4Pants
Oct 1End of an Era
Sep 29Keep On Rollin’ Part 2
Sep 27Keep On Rollin’ Part 1
Sep 24Good Sir
Sep 22Catfight
Sep 20Fooled Again
Sep 17Mob Scene
Sep 15Webcat Rides Again
Sep 13The Scent of Desire
Sep 10Omnibot
Sep 8Rush Hour Blues
Sep 6And it Was Delicious
Sep 3Roly Poly-Anna
Sep 1For Ev’ry Need, An App!
Aug 30Year 1
Aug 27Submarine Love
Aug 25Lolterature 4
Aug 23Season 6 Intro
Aug 20The Best Answer
Aug 18The Love Ambassador
Aug 16Slumber Party
Aug 13Yard Sale 3
Aug 11Yard Sale 2
Aug 9Yard Sale
Aug 6Internet School, Part 3
Aug 4Internet School, Part 2
Aug 2Internet School Part 1
Jul 30The Remake That Should Never Be
Jul 28Hot Pants
Jul 26Welcome Home
Jul 23Everything Is Better With Rocket Feet
Jul 21The New Guy
Jul 19Did We Mention She’s A Ninja, Too?
Jul 16Jealousy, Thy Name is Maile
Jul 14Eat Your Art Out
Jul 12Mecha West
Jul 9Exeunt Marmaduke
Jul 8The New 4H 5
Jul 7The New 4H 4
Jul 6The New 4H 3
Jul 5The New 4H 2
Jul 2The New 4H!
Jun 30YEAH Toast!
Jun 28Live from Vuvuzeland
Jun 25More of a Macrobrew
Jun 23A Tragedy
Jun 21The Keeper of Spirits
Jun 18Jawlines
Jun 16Ripped From The Headlines
Jun 14Computer Aided Destruction
Jun 11MACHISMO, The Magazine For Men Vol.3
Jun 9MACHISMO, The Magazine For Men Vol.2
Jun 7MACHISMO, The Magazine For Men
Jun 4Scouting For Cells 6
Jun 2Scouting For Cells 5
May 31Scouting For Cells 4
May 28Scouting For Cells 3
May 26Scouting For Cells 2
May 24Scouting For Cells
May 21Ringo’s Dream
May 17It’s Coming
May 14Do Not Feed The Spirit Guide
May 12Never a Dull Moment
May 10The Floor Is…
May 7The DMV Never Lies
May 5What’s In An Alias?
May 3Live From Apartment 4H
Apr 30Dread Revelations
Apr 28Uncomfortable Truths
Apr 26Eyjafjallajokull
Apr 23Tea With The Fishes
Apr 21How Low
Apr 19Donut Showdown
Apr 162010 Models Are In!
Apr 14Drunken Mastery
Apr 12Dispenser of Knowledge
Apr 9He Is…The Law
Apr 7Exotic Weapon Proficiency
Apr 5Visual Wizardry
Apr 2Choosing Sides
Mar 31Go Pods!
Mar 29The Viking Saga, Part 2
Mar 26Working in an Amish Paradise
Mar 24Productivity Is WAY Up
Mar 22Interview Crew
Mar 19The Madness
Mar 17Raising The Bar
Mar 15Turkeynapped! Part 5
Mar 12Turkeynapped! Part 4
Mar 10Turkeynapped! Part 3
Mar 8A Very Special 4H, Part 2
Mar 5Turkeynapped! Part 2
Mar 3Turkeynapped!
Mar 1Staying Sharp
Feb 26Curiouser And Curiouser
Feb 24Cat On The Brain
Feb 22Catnap
Feb 19Arks And Crafts
Feb 17Red Moon Waxing
Feb 15Lolympics
Feb 12Challenge of the Sphinx 5
Feb 10Challenge of the Sphinx 4
Feb 8Challenge of the Sphinx 3
Feb 5Challenge of the Sphinx 2
Feb 3Challenge of the Sphinx
Feb 1Sweating Him Out
Jan 29Poké Men
Jan 27What’s In A Name
Jan 25Head Games
Jan 22Quicksnow
Jan 20Season 5 Intro
Jan 18I’m With Pest
Jan 15On Body Types
Jan 13Don’t Panic
Jan 11Honeymoon Is Over
Jan 8The Honeymoon Part 5
Jan 6The Honeymoon Part 4
Jan 3The Honeymoon Part 3
Jan 1For Old Gag Syne


Dec 30The Honeymoon Part 2
Dec 28The Honeymoon
Dec 25Phoning It In
Dec 23A Very Special 4H
Dec 21Mies Van Der Snow
Dec 18Batteries Not Included
Dec 16The Art Of Money
Dec 14Paint The Walls
Dec 11Leave No Bear Behind
Dec 9Sweet Home, Alderaan
Dec 7Rambovirus
Dec 4Language Barrier
Dec 2Un-Bride-Led Fury
Nov 30The Mail Order Maiden
Nov 27Olde Tymey Thanksgiving
Nov 25Turkish Delights
Nov 23Stop Making Sense
Nov 20Exploding Head Technique
Nov 18Little Ghost’s Room
Nov 16Splat
Nov 13Pestilence’s Masterpiece Theater 2
Nov 11Ninja vs Wild 2
Nov 9Ninja vs Wild
Nov 6Working Life
Nov 4Greek To Me
Nov 2Horrible Doctor
Oct 30Halloween III
Oct 28Bleh!
Oct 26Children Of The Night
Oct 23Dead Drunk
Oct 21The Most Dangerous Game
Oct 19No More Teachers
Oct 16Rain Dogs
Oct 14Best Fanfic Ever
Oct 12DATELINE: Azeroth
Oct 9No Such Thing
Oct 7Retail Labyrinth
Oct 5Choose Your Party
Oct 1Again With The Basements
Sep 30Book Of Revelations
Sep 28Splat! Ding! Grats!
Sep 25But The Floor Is So Comfy!
Sep 23LOL Terature 3
Sep 21The Meat Game
Sep 18Status Quo
Sep 16Towering Cardferno
Sep 14Under Pressure
Sep 11WIP Day 1
Sep 9Pestilence’s Garden
Sep 7The Boxscraper
Sep 4Homeless Horsemen
Sep 2The Move Part 2
Aug 31The Move Part 1
Apr 24Up The Bomb Part 5
Apr 23Up The Bomb Part 4
Apr 22Up The Bomb Part 3
Apr 21Up The Bomb Part 2
Apr 20Up The Bomb Part 1
Apr 17Crowd Surfing
Apr 16Advanced Streaking Technology
Apr 15Dave Is Awkward
Apr 14Old Friends
Apr 9History Project Part 4
Apr 8History Project Part 3
Apr 7History Project Part 2
Apr 6History Project Part 1
Apr 3Job Prospects
Apr 2The Thought That Counts
Apr 1Bear On Campus Guest Strip
Mar 31Speed Racer Entomology
Mar 30Milk
Mar 27Robot Fightin’ Part 5
Mar 26Robot Fightin’ Part 4
Mar 25Robot Fightin’ Part 3
Mar 24Robot Fightin’ Part 2
Mar 23Robot Fightin’ Part 1
Mar 20Return Of The Ninja
Mar 13Pocketwatchmen
Mar 12Eskimo Pies
Mar 11Cryptic Commands
Mar 10Life In Maine
Feb 27Today, At The A School Part 5
Feb 26Today, At The A School Part 4
Feb 25Today, At The A School Part 3
Feb 24Today, At The A School Part 2
Feb 23Today, At The A School
Feb 20Venn Diagram 2
Feb 19Life At The Top
Feb 18Pest Noir
Feb 17A Based On A True Story
Feb 16A Question Of Honor
Feb 13Sai Sai Sai Part 5
Feb 12Sai Sai Sai Part 4
Feb 11Sai Sai Sai Part 3
Feb 10Sai Sai Sai Part 2
Feb 9Sai Sai Sai Part 1
Feb 6Ninja Roomate Tribute
Feb 5Save The Codpiece
Feb 4Belated Christmas Gifts
Feb 3Your Sub Mr. War 3
Feb 2Vino
Jan 30Hot Sauce Part 5
Jan 29Hot Sauce Part 4
Jan 28Hot Sauce Part 3
Jan 27Hot Sauce Part 2
Jan 26Hot Sauce Part 1
Jan 23Resolutions Part 4
Jan 22Resolutions Part 3
Jan 21Resolutions Part 2
Jan 20Resolutions Part 1
Jan 16Bank Fail
Jan 15Twilight Jr
Jan 14Holiday Follow Up
Jan 13Semester 4 Intro


Dec 5Winter Vacation Part 5
Dec 4Winter Vacation Part 4
Dec 3Winter Vacation Part 3
Dec 2Winter Vacation Part 2
Nov 22Winter Vacation Part 1
Nov 21Jason Elliot Guest Strip Part 2
Nov 20Seppuku Part 3
Nov 19Seppuku Part 2
Nov 18Seppuku Part 1
Nov 17EcoMOD
Nov 13Let’s Do The Time Warp
Nov 12Fun With Venn Diagrams
Nov 11Dave Does Deep Dives
Nov 10The Fifth Horseman Part 6
Nov 7Love Of Thermal Mass
Nov 6Election Special Part 3
Nov 5Election Special Part 2
Nov 3The Fifth Horseman Part 5
Oct 31Halloween Spectacular Year 2
Oct 30The Fifth Horseman Part 4
Oct 29The Fifth Horseman Part 3
Oct 28The Fifth Horseman Part 2
Oct 27The Fifth Horseman Part 1
Oct 24Independent Gaming
Oct 23Mourning
Oct 22Alternate Editions
Oct 21Horoscopes
Oct 20Seussian
Oct 16Pestilence’s Masterpiece Theater
Oct 10Meet The Cast Screaming Bowtie Guy
Oct 9Tiddly Winks Xtreme
Oct 8I Love You, Tom
Oct 7Gets Whites Whiter
Oct 6The Cast Supper
Oct 3Meet The Cast Engima And Ted
Oct 2Career Choices
Oct 1W.U.T. Part 3
Sep 30W.U.T. Part 2
Sep 29W.U.T. Part 1
Sep 26Meet The Cast Pestilence
Sep 25Lol Terature Part 2
Sep 24Student Complaining
Sep 23Beard Conquest
Sep 22Meet The Pyro
Sep 19Meet The Cast Conquest
Sep 18Pests In Love Part 2
Sep 17Pests In Love
Sep 16Balancing Act
Sep 15The Kabobagram
Sep 12Meet The Cast War
Sep 11The Credenza Part 3
Sep 10The Credenza Part 2
Sep 9The Credenza Part 1
Sep 8Dating Death
Sep 5Meet The Cast Death
Sep 4Chuck Norris Facts
Sep 3Pankration
Sep 2Drugs Are Bad
Aug 29Parking
Aug 27Bully
Aug 26How The West Was Awesome
Aug 25Semester 3 Opener
Aug 23Don’t Be A Dope
May 2Semester 2 Finale
May 1Crumbelievable Guest Strip
Apr 30Ups And Downs
Apr 29This Comic Is Goofy
Apr 28Olde Timey 2
Apr 25Your Sub Mr. War 2
Apr 24Return Of The Allergents
Apr 23Projectors
Apr 22Siege The Day
Apr 21Apple Care
Apr 18Meeting The Boys Part 5
Apr 17Meeting The Boys Part 4
Apr 16Meeting The Boys Part 3
Apr 15Meeting The Boys Part 2
Apr 14Meeting The Boys Part 1
Apr 8Interrobang
Apr 7Stylized Action
Apr 4Casino Faux Pas
Apr 3Comic Contest 08
Apr 2The Most Important Thing I Learned In College
Apr 1Antiques Space Show
Mar 31Candy Mount Doom
Mar 21The Bollywoodian
Mar 20Deep Plaid
Mar 19Slow Speed Racer, Slow
Mar 18Lol Architecture
Mar 17Current Events
Mar 14Discussion Section Bingo
Mar 13Spring Cleaning Part 4
Mar 12Spring Cleaning Part 3
Mar 11Spring Cleaning Part 2
Mar 10Spring Cleaning Part 1
Mar 6Heavy Reading
Mar 5The Many Uses Of Unicorn
Mar 4Pants Optional
Mar 3Pokedex Revisions
Feb 29Meat Space Epilogue
Feb 28Meat Space
Feb 27Bumper Stickers
Feb 26Astronomy Is Hilarious
Feb 25Effin Statchers
Feb 22Coming Soon
Feb 21Valentine’s Variations
Feb 20Dave’s Week Part 3
Feb 19Dave’s Week Part 2
Feb 18Dave’s Week Part 1
Feb 13Speed Dating Part 5
Feb 12Speed Dating Part 4
Feb 11Speed Dating Part 3
Feb 8Speed Dating Part 2
Feb 7Speed Dating Part 1
Feb 6Seasame Streak
Feb 5Quack Quack Quack
Feb 4L0L Terature
Feb 1Merchandizing
Jan 31Hippocampus
Jan 30Olde Timey
Jan 29Broverfield
Jan 28Snow Madness
Jan 24Role Playing
Jan 23Advanced Weaponry
Jan 22Coming This Semester


Dec 7Harry Potter Spoilers
Dec 5Sick Days Part 3
Dec 4Sick Days Part 2
Dec 3Sick Days Part 1
Nov 30Dedicated To Edgar Wright
Nov 29Your Sub Mr .War
Nov 20Fireflies Not Of The Joss Whedon Variety
Nov 19UVA Inside Joke
Nov 16Ka May Ah May AH
Nov 15Missing Range
Nov 14In Memory Of PBF
Nov 13His Honor
Nov 11Message In A … Well, You Know What
Nov 9Comic War Part 5
Nov 8Comic War Part 4
Nov 7Comic War Part 3
Nov 6Comic War Part 2
Nov 5Comic War Part 1
Nov 2Old Groaner Part 4
Nov 1Old Groaner Part 3
Oct 31Halloween Spectacular
Oct 30Old Groaner Part 2
Oct 29Old Groaner Part 1
Oct 26Introducing Mr. Roosevelt
Oct 25Apologies To Charles Schultz
Oct 24Hint! SNL Reference
Oct 23Confirmation Required
Oct 22Mean Streets
Oct 17Mr.T Strikes Back
Oct 16Never EVER Ford The River
Oct 15Harpoons And Tow Cables
Oct 13Bouncey Bouncey
Oct 12Polyptych
Oct 4Skeet Week Part 3
Oct 3Skeet Week Part 2
Oct 2Skeet Week Part 1
Oct 1The Bride
Sep 28Of Minis And Punching
Sep 27The Proper Number Of Knives
Sep 26Image Problems
Sep 25The Allergent
Sep 24Thanks, TJ
Sep 21Thinking Big
Sep 20The Many Dangers Of Borscht
Sep 19Amoebic Ambiguity
Sep 18Instant Delivery
Sep 14Clever Citation
Sep 7WAOOO!!!
Sep 6Risky Business
Sep 5Martial Traffic Law
Sep 4…Rorschach
Sep 3The Worst
Aug 31Moon Error
Aug 30Beer A Pult
Aug 29Burrito Arms Race
Aug 28Force Alternatives
Aug 25Ragtime!