Mughal E-Cell

Posted Thu, 09/03/2009 by Dave in response to The Bollywoodian

Unlikely though it may be, I have a soft spot for Indian cinema (not necessarily Bollywood!). My first experience with it, however, was a painful one. I didn’t know what to expect (namely how long it would be), and the film in question was the colorized Mughal e-Azam, which is a classic but…well, the colorized version was about what you would expect. Imagine if Casablanca was colorized. It just wouldn’t be the same. I gritted it out and, lo and behold, eventually wound up willingly sitting down to watch films like Lagaan. Who’d have thought?

This strip fondly dedicated to Gwen, who educated me in all things Indian and cinematic, and Shaka, who is hopefully not reading this from the library.