About Apartment 4H:

Apartment 4H concerns an average college student, Ted, who through an unfortunate and largely unexplained series of events comes to have the four horsemen of the apocalypse as his roommates. The horsemen (Death, War, Conquest and Pestilence) seem less interested in actually starting the apocalypse than they do in being absolute slackers.

The comic began life in the Cavalier Daily, a daily student-run paper at the University of Virginia, where it was published for two years. During its original run, when it was called “4-H Club,” it distinguished itself for high quality artwork and writing and was much beloved by the University’s community.

Well, sort of. Okay, not really. Because student readership of the Cav Daily was spotty at best, a lot of readers had trouble “getting” the comic, especially difficult things such as “week-long story arcs” and “the fact that the name of the comic was a pun.” But the art was solid and the jokes were at least appealing to our friends, an infamous lot predominantly residing in Brown Residential College at Monroe Hill. And we had fun writing it, and that’s really the whole point, right?

Wrong! The whole point is to take your comic to the internet, find the audience it was intended for, and evangelize ruthlessly! So we decided to do that after graduation. To preempt legal action in the event the comic should ever make money, it underwent a name change (see: 18 USC 707). The result gets the same idea across and is still a pun, which is the truly critical thing. Thanks, Mom, for the suggestion, by the way. We’ll get you a signed copy of the book when we publish it.

About the authors:

Joe Medwid, Artist would be a great phrase to have on his studio door some day.

David Rhodenbaugh, Writer is, to borrow a phrase, pleasantly enlightened. He will flesh this out later.