The Beginning of The Beginning

Posted Sun, 08/09/2009 by Dave in response to Ragtime!

And so, with a passably formed non-sequitur, 4-H Club was born.

It wasn’t supposed to begin this way. Originally, we’d planned to kick things off with the weeklong arc you’ll see in a few strips (assuming, of course, you’re reading through this archive from the beginning to learn the secrets of our artistic process), but the Cavalier Daily, student-run five-day-a-week paper at our alma mater the University of Virginia, had a bizarre production schedule for the start of the year. I was at band camp when Joe learned of this, and in a fit of panic our ragtime opener was born.

It wasn’t a glorious beginning, or even a particularly well-crafted beginning. But it was about the greatest American musical art form, and when its time comes again, God help us, we’re going to be raking it in.