Their talent pool is deep. Very, very deep.

Posted Wed, 3/31/2010 by Dave

Those of you scratching your heads at what today’s comic is about should brush up on that icon of horror literature, H. P. Lovecraft. Specifically, his best known creation, the Cthulu Mythos, which includes the weird collegiate environs of Miskatonic University as a recurring setting.

There has been a bit of good-natured debate as to what the Miskatonic U. mascot would be–personally I favor the cephalopod as this strip would suggest. After all, it’s no stranger than The Evergreen State College geoducks, or the University of California, Santa Cruz banana slugs. And it certainly gives Duke a run for “evil” mascots–Blue Devils, eat your hearts out. Or perhaps eat out the hearts of others, as devils are wont to do.