Claus 4 Lyfe

Posted Fri, 4/2/2010 by Dave

We haven’t done much yet with the other anthropomorphic entities in the Apartment 4H universe. Obviously if the comic has a headless horseman and the wisdom-spouting hard-partying ghost of Teddy Roosevelt, Santa and the Easter Bunny are facing some stiff competition. So consider this the planting of a seed to be explored some later day–the endless, brutal territory war between Claus and Hare.

It’s a new month–please help Apartment 4H by voting every day on Top Webcomics! It’s that little button to the right there–if we get about 40 votes a day, we’ll easily crack the top 100. That would be huge for our comic. Also, you get to see the sweet Miskatonic University logo from yesterday’s strip, full-size and amazing. Props to Joe.

A final note: I get the nagging feeling someone has done this joke before, or has done the entire “Santa vs. Easter Bunny” thing before–but I can’t find a source. I feel guilty regardless. Let me know if my fears are correctly founded.