The best kind of flare

Posted Mon, 4/5/2010 by Dave

The advertising for 3-D television has become really, really ridiculous all of a sudden. It bugs me on a fundamental level because up until now I’ve been able to take a DVD, watch it on my television, pop it in my computer and play it, and then use Handbrake to put it on my iPod, if I feel so compelled. 3-D throws that right out the window–and makes me wear glasses, to boot. I kind of look forward to the day I have to wear glasses (because then I’ll look uncannily like Gordon Freeman) but that time is not now, and Nicholas Cage’s 3-D face is not the reason.

I have to wonder, will the web go 3-D? I’d imagine so–eventually. But until they demonstrate a compelling reason for me to view anything in 3-D on a regular basis, Apartment 4H is staying firmly in two dimensions. Any more and Pestilence looks even more like a beanbag chair covered in hair than he does already.

Actually, I beg to differ…

Posted Mon, 4/5/2010 by Joe

THIS edges it out by a small margin.

For those of you interested in such things, I played Dragonforce’s “Fury of the Storm” on loop while I was making this strip. The results are self-evident in panel 3.

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