It’s an ancient Chinese art

Posted Wed, 12/16/2009 by Dave

A discussion about the perfect way to fry bacon generated this comic idea. Combine with one of the most famous historical generals and you’ve got a bestselling series of books. I have to imagine that like the “Idiot’s Guide”s have the “For Dummies” counterparts, there’s also an advice series out there by Napoleon, or maybe Alexander the Great.

Chinese military history is one of those things that I always wish I would spend more time studying, and not just for insights into business acumen. The entire Three Kingdoms period is a fascinating drama (and the fact that it’s since inspired a number of famous franchises, like the Dynasty Warriors games and a Magic: the Gathering set certainly didn’t hurt my interest.)

Just so you know, Pestilence is explaining to Enigma the thrilling conclusion of The Runaway Bunny in panel 1. This is just another in in the chain for his obsession of books about bunnies. Visit your local library, and read it yourself–it’s a timeless classic. See you Friday.


Posted Wed, 12/16/2009 by Joe

You don’t understand, Doc. I once took Taekwando lessons… and for ONE class… one ENTIRE 2-hour class… that song was played on repeat, for lack of anything better to play. Even our usual, the Mortal Kombat Movie Soundtrack, was better than THAT.

…but I digress.