Posted Mon, 5/31/2010 by Dave

Archery is one of very, very few things I remember with any clarity from my singular, brief scout camping experience. I don’t seem to recall that I was particularly good at it–for that matter, I wasn’t any better at shooting a BB rifle either, at the same range. But I mastered very quickly the art of not becoming a target.

I do have a rifle range anecdote from a friend in the scouts I’d love to share. Apparently a few summers back they had a kid who was dismissed from camp. Why? After an afternoon at the rifle range, he had the genius idea to take a bullet, put it on a rock, and hit it…with another rock. “Fortunately” the bullet in question managed to avoid all the vital blood vessels in his leg. Our faith in humanity, however, suffered another irreparable, if minor, blow.

Happy Memorial Day.

Saint Pestilence

Posted Mon, 5/31/2010 by Joe

Minor stream of consciousness – This comic reminds me of Saint Sebastian, which in turns reminds me of Yukio Mishima’s famous photo shoot in which he posed as the martyr. If you’re unfamiliar with Mishima, I recommend reading up on him. Really interesting character.