It was an expensive prank, but so worth it.

Posted Mon, 12/27/2009 by Dave

The Mail-Order Bride and Conquest are technically married, but they never really went through all the motions–and so, seizing on that, Death and Enigma figured they’d pull some cash together and send them on a fun little trip, the honeymoon they never had.

Meeting the parents in this case could be very, very uncomfortable for Conquest. Especially after…you know…killing their daughter by neglecting to take care of her.

Though we have something special planned for Friday (it being our 300th comic, and the start of another year of comics!), you’ll get a heart dose of culture shock, pictogram-based language barriers, and general post-holiday familial awkwardness. And we’ll learn a little more about who exactly the Mail-Order Bride really is…see you then!