How is babby om nom nomed

Posted Wed, 12/29/2009 by Dave

If I were Conquest, I’d get out now. Woe betide you if your in-law can be summed up by a comparison to Cronus, leader of the Greek titans, known for cannibalizing his own children so as to prevent his inevitable usurpation by his progeny. How the mail-order bride manages to deliver this really, very bad news in such a…sultry manner is beyond me.

Of course, for anyone but a horseman of the apocalypse, that would be a death sentence–but this is Conquest we’re discussing! It might require all his guile to navigate this encounter unscathed, but he probably will. Next week we’ll travel to the MOB’s strange home country. Friday, we’ll wish you a happy new year, and pat ourselves on the back for our 300th comic. We hope you’ll join us!