We’ll need like a billion lumberjacks.

Posted Mon, 4/26/2010 by Dave

Of late I have developed an intense fondness for the trope known as Chekov’s Gun. I feel like we have one of those here at Apartment 4H. We have for quite some time. You may have noticed it.

It’s the apocalypse.

That’s right, our Chekov’s gun is the end of the world. Which means figuring out how it’s going to go off is a doozy. We should probably redo our introductory arc at some point and lay out the ground rules for it all a little bit better, before I wind up writing myself into a corner and doing one of those awkward, all-too-common comic book-style retcons.

Wait, I got the other half covered

Posted Mon, 4/26/2010 by Joe

Well, that was easy.