Later they go on an adventure!

Posted Fri, 4/23/2010 by Dave

Those of you who haven’t yet read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, run–do not walk–to your nearest local library and secure as many volumes as you can for your enjoyment. Our special guest in today’s comic, Delight, is one of the Endless, a series of seven anthropomorphic personifications as old as time (or perhaps older still). She’s also one of the most fun to watch (read?), because she has that whole “I’m crazy, but that just makes me somewhat adorable” vibe. Like Hannelore from Questionable Content.

It’s a shame it got covered up by a text bubble, but some of you may notice War’s indulging his love of milk.

Regarding the Milk…

Posted Fri, 4/23/2010 by Joe

You only have yourself to blame, Dave.
Hm… flirting with color again, it seems. Could this be indicative of something, dear readers?