It was a bad joke, but I wrote it anyway

Posted Wed, 4/21/2010 by Dave

I briefly considered typing a completely incomprehensible newspost, with the words slurred, missing vowels, having superfluous consonants, while including a couple of double entendres, puns and obscure figures of speech for good measure. I figured that would probably be taking the joke a bit too far.

Also, you’d think Ted would know not to go to Conquest for medical advice. Evidently, whatever he got from Conquest last time worked, or Ted lacks pattern recognition…come to think of it, the latter would explain a lot about how he interacts with the horsemen…

Continuity Strikes Again

Posted Wed, 4/21/2010 by Joe

Though Conquest’s somewhat dubious medical qualifications are 4H cannon, it’s not something we tend to explore often. I imagine that, throughout the course of human history, Conquest has racked up one hell of a C.V. with just about every certificate, accreditation and honorary known to man.