Posted Wed, 11/10/2010 by Dave

I was nothing short of thrilled with Joe’s designs for Future Pestilence and Primal Pestilence. When exactly they’re from, I’m not entirely sure, but my thinking for them goes something along these lines…

Future Pestilence: some distant year where disease has been virtually stamped out and is quite highly controlled. Pestilence’s form is indicative of this–he’s smaller and well contained in his little stasis tube. But he’s also smarter–just as diseases have evolved to gain resistance to medicines and the like, so too has our favorite little cell grown from a childish, lackadaisical know-nothing into a technologically savvy superflu. I like to think that there’s also a bit of “computer virus” stuff going on here, perhaps after biotech becomes increasingly widespread, and cyborgs stalk the ash-wastes of Neo New Jersey.

Primal Pestilence: you know that whole “primordial soup” thing? This Pestilence is the kind of soup that expired years ago, but never got taken off the grocery store shelves for some reason. Borderline feral, largely unthinking, and rather revolting, this is disease in its infancy. It didn’t need to be pretty, or fast, or particularly elegant in its methods. But it made you miserable, and it made you dead.