The architect’s tools

Posted Fri, 09/04/2009 by Dave in response to Homeless Horsemen

At least Conquest is consistent about when he’ll take his chances with the army.

Mail Order Bride has returned! Apparently every horseman managed to snag one thing from the old apartment before they left…Pestilence grabbed Chloe, War took his helmet, Conquest (in an unusual display of compassion, I might add) took the bride…hopefully Death grabbed something slightly more useful.

I really do have to wonder what the bride has been doing the entire time between when we show her. I’ve always assumed she lives in the same house as everyone else, but they certainly don’t appear to register there being a female presence with the way they act. Perhaps she does a lot of midnight cleaning and they always assumed it was fairies or something. I guess Conquest must have taken care of her, at least in a marginal way–she’s dressed pretty classily. Then again, Conquest doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would be caught dead with a date who looked shabby, and the last few times we’ve seen her she’s been wearing evening dresses…

Join us Monday as the horsemen continue to forge a brave new existence in this scary, scary world.

The architect’s tools, indeed

Posted Sat, 09/05/2009 by Joe in response to Homeless Horsemen

All joking aside, these ARE, in fact, the most crucial tools for any architecture student.
In case anyone was wondering, “Phantom of the Attic” is indeed an actual comic store in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. I have many a fond childhood memory of going to the mall in which it’s located, thumbing the latest releases, buying Magic cards, then getting some Little Caesar’s pizza before finishing it all off with a round of Carn-Evil. Good times.