Frank Lloyd Wright, eat your heart out

Posted Monday, 09/07/2009 by Dave in response to The Boxscraper

Well, it’s certainly not going to be winning any awards from the American Institute of Architects, but I’d say they did a heck of a job overall. It’s really tough, even with judicious use of triangular supports, plenty of A flute fiberboard and lots of duct tape to get beyond the 80 foot mark, much less to include all those nice accents and nods to famous landmarks.

I have to imagine Ted was enjoying his time away from the horsemen. He got to relax, kick back, do some reading, cook a few pots of rice and generally not have to worry about them doing stupid stuff like ordering unicorns online and filling the apartment with doughnuts. Alas, it was not meant to last.

I feel compelled to touch, briefly, on Calvin and Hobbes. Saying it was the greatest syndicated comic ever is kind of like saying the Beatles were the greatest band of all time–the only people who disagree with you are Elvis fans (who, in this case, are those who nominate Peanuts for that position). Reading Calvin and Hobbes as a kid was a big influence on my sense of humor, and by extension, how I do this comic. And somewhere in the next state, Joe was reading the same comics, and was equally influenced. To you, Bill Watterson, we dedicate this fictional cardboard edifice.

Join us Wednesday when the horsemen find out from the fire marshal they’re violating pretty much every code on the books.

Educational Moment

Posted Mon, 09/07/2009 by Joe in response to The Boxscraper

As a bit of architectural education, here’re links to the 6 buildings bastardized in order to create the C+H Tower.

Fallingwater (sorta. More FLW in general)

30 St Mary Axe, AKA The Gherkin, AKA The Pickle, AKA The giant british phallus.

Campanile de Pisa (The Leaning Tower)

Cinderella’s Castle. Not technically architecture, though more buildings like this would make life more interesting.

Chrysler Building. Art Deco, in my opinion, is a much-neglected artistic style that is FULL OF WIN.

Eiffel Tower. I think it was recently melted into green goo by COBRA, right?