Posted Fri, 4/30/2010 by Dave

Thought experiment: imagine yourself as an individual of the opposite gender. Pretty much everything’s the same–basically you get to swap out some gender idiosyncrasies of your current sex for the opposite. Do you find this hypothetical other-gender you revolting, or not? Why?

Back to regular jokes Monday, though I’ll be damned if I know what’s regular any more after this week.

Drawing is Hard

Posted Fri, 4/30/2010 by Joe

Those of you of the artistic bent are surely aware that on some days, you can’t draw for shit. You put pencil to paper, and it’s all downhill from there. I find that the only thing to do at that point is either take a long, hard nap, or start surfing Know Your Meme. Typically, nothing good comes of it, and you end up making terrible things instead of wonderful things. Like comics!

Looks like War and Ted are Beo-wulfing down some tasty sandwiches at everyone’s favorite local eatery, Grendel’s Grinders!