In Memory of Louie The Cat, c.2001 – 2010

Posted Mon, 5/03/2010 by Joe

In a perfect example of tragic irony, as Dave was scripting this strip, my own cat passed away. So here’s to you, Louie, prince among cats. It’s true! He had a throne and everything.

I don’t know about you, but at this point, I’d be terrified to ever go in the Apartment 4H bathroom.

He probably should lock the door

Posted Mon, 5/03/2010 by Dave

I checked when writing this, and there doesn’t appear to be a live 24-hour catcam feed on the internet. Yet. I have a feeling the cats have probably unionized or something, and that’s the only thing that’s holding it up. Because really, a catcam would be an enormous web draw. People love cats. It’s one of those internet things that, to me, has less memetic logic behind it than Rickrolling or Trololo. Those are campy. Cats are timeless. Cats, by my measure of things, should have been a meme before the web.

So anyway, if one of you makes thousands of dollars off your own 24-hour catcam website…we can has a cut?