Does this count as fanservice?

Posted Mon, 2/1/2010 by Dave

Oh, right, that apartment thing. Not familiar with the premise? Don’t worry, here’s the quick refresher course as we prepare for some more good old fashioned dungeon plunging in the next few weeks.

– The boys live in an apartment of singular, evidently supernatural construction.
– The basement leads to a sub-basement, which leads in turn to a sub-sub-basement…and so forth. No bottom has yet been discovered.
– Every floor is inhabited by terrifying creatures, including (but not limited to), rats, goblins, and fiendish turkeys.
– Clearing out these unholy denizens unlocks the next level of the basement-dungeon (that’s down a level) and unlocks new swag for the apartment above. That includes rooms, too, which…well, if we believe War’s just pulling Conquest’s leg, it accounts for the sauna in today’s comic.

All on the same page? Good. Rock and roll.

Additional Clarification

Posted Mon, 2/1/2010 by Joe

So, from the artistic end…
– Characters in the 4H-iverse DO have noses. They’re just rarely drawn.
– The Horsemen, as they are not man of women born, have no nipples or belly buttons.
– This, of course, means that they could beat the shit out of Macbeth.
– Legs and feet are hard to draw, especially when you’re so used to only having to compose torsos.
– If you’ve never been in a Sauna, HIGHLY recommended. (not an art note, but still important)