At least a plurality of names are badass

Posted Wed, 1/27/2010 by Dave

The best part–I can defend my position on every single one of these (since I spent some time writing out that entire huge table.) And even better, I can defend them in character as War.

One of the jokes we considered for this comic that didn’t make the cut went along the lines of this:

Ted: Why all the hate for the Chargers?
War: If you can plug it into a wall, it isn’t cool. Examples: lamps, clocks, foot baths.
Ted: Power tools.
War: [pause] Okay, we can move them up into “sort of cool.”

I’m more of a sexy librarian man, myself

Posted Wed, 1/27/2010 by Joe

I dunno, Doc… I’d say Titans are pretty badass. Or do you suppose War looks down on them because they lost?