Check and Mate

Posted Fri, 1/8/2010 by Dave

Of course, this was only one of Clemente’s plans for getting Conquest to marry his daughter. He had the entire mail-order bride market cornered at the time, but he was also planning on an intricate series of insinuations so that, in the event Conquest didn’t shop for a hot babe online, he would have wound up with her anyway. I suppose if all else failed he would have just resorted to a kidnapping and shotgun wedding kind of thing. This was, it was almost voluntary!

One of the gags that didn’t make it into this joke for the sake of space was some more dialogue about that delicious bear–Clemente boasting slightly, “oh, I killed it on my morning walk. With my bare hands.” Perhaps it would have been cut regardless–reading it now that seems like a stretch toward a pun. Perhaps “with my hands” instead.

We’ll wrap up with Clemente and get back to the rest of the horsemen next week–thanks for reading and have a great weekend! See you Monday!

He’s a Count, not a Saint

Posted Fri, 1/8/2010 by Joe