I’m sure they’ll keep in touch by MailĂ©

Posted Mon, 1/11/2010 by Dave

Goodbye, Clemente. We’ll miss you (and know that you’ll inevitably turn up again–it’s like being able to write for two Conquests at the same time!) Maybe when next you turn up you can advise Conquest that skinny ties aren’t in (yet).

We planned out that the Mail-Order Bride would have a name about…oh, a year ago? And we’ve been sitting on it since, waiting for a good opportunity to present itself. Is that long-term planning? I dunno. I suppose so!

Back to the good old USA with us on Wednesday–we’re going to get back into the swing with a few more non-sequitur strips, which we like to do whenever we’ve just completed a big arc (and this is among our biggest). See you then!

Now to find Earth, Fire, Water and Heart…

Posted Mon, 1/11/2010 by Joe

As a side note, I’m fairly certain that the REAL Count Clemente wouldn’t be quite as sentimental. He is a self-proclaimed chauvinist, after all.

Continuing with the theme of picking costumes based on whatever I was doing the night before, wardrobe for the MoB and MoM are brought to you today by Mod Cloth.