And always know where your towel is

Posted Wed, 1/13/2010 by Dave

Inevitably, the rest of the household struggles without the touch of a woman. And evidently War is deeply alarmed by nudity, which I find surprising, because he seems to hold those Greco-Roman wrestler types in such high regard. You know, the kinds who if they were around today would spawn shirts emblazoned with slogans like “Greco-Roman wrestler types do it in the nude.”

Ted here proves that when all else fails, improvise! To that extent, he’s using the iconic oval-shaped bath mat as a body covering so we didn’t have to censor panel 3, but we all know those things are a poor excuse for a towel. As is toilet paper, nose tissue and pretty much everything else. And if you only have like three washcloths in the whole bathroom, you’re more or less screwed.

Hopefully they get this one sorted out. The world may never know. If you never see Ted in this comic again, he starved.

And when in doubt, improvise

Posted Wed, 1/13/2010 by Joe

I feel like a large part of War’s distress is that his typically extensive array of housekeeping skills doesn’t extend to Laundry. I can’t blame him, really. The arcane art of turning all the right nobs, putting in the right liquid, color sorting, etc, daunted me for years.