Sometimes I think I push him too hard

Posted Fri, 1/15/2010 by Dave

Based on a true-to-life struggle. Perhaps the problem stems from building a comic for years around a couple of moderately caricatured body types, while all the while a hot babe lurked in the background of our cast, waiting to strike…

Anyway, to make a long story short, we have some gross fat dudes. I’ll let Joe tell you if, in fact, this was a slightly easier comic to draw.

Happy Trails to You…

Posted Fri, 1/15/2010 by Joe

Es la verdad! It may be all in my head, but the attractive female form doesn’t lend itself to caricature nearly as well as the ungly and / or male. This is largely due to my own rigidity in regards to the human form in general, but I digress. Tycho from Penny Arcade summarized my feelings quite well in his rant this Monday.

“When you look at something like Marcus Fenix… there is the same exaggeration that borders on mutation in his physical structure. But since Marcus Fenix is a man, his physical virtues are an acceptable template for such extrapolations. If a woman is the subject, and is thus interpreted, now you’re engaged in a truly dangerous enterprise.”