Good Old Song, bad old yell

Posted Sat, 08/29/2009 by Dave in response to UVA Inside Joke

Ah, a timely social commentary. This will inevitably require several points of explanation.

The “Good Old Song” is a cherished tradition at UVa, sung at football games when we score a touchdown. The lyrics (available at that Wikipedia link) have become a sticking point over the years, especially at the line “where all is bright and gay.” Some individuals see fit to ignore the original meaning as-written of that word and shout “not gay!” Because, of course, everyone around them was questioning their opinion and/or own alignment as pertains to sexuality. Because we just scored a touchdown.

The source for this comic was a flare-up over the Cavalier Daily publishing “Not Gay and Proud of It,” wherein first year (at the time) student Alex Cortes uses this statement: “When proudly shouting, “I’m not gay” during the “Good Ol’ Song,” I am simply publicizing my religiously-informed belief that it is wrong to act homosexual.”

Read and decide for yourself.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled horsemen-based humor.