Kitty get!

Posted Fri, 2/12/2010 by Dave

As usual, the horsemen find it’s better to be lucky than good. And that within the heart of every sinister sphinx is a slightly less sinister cat. Of course, in the original story of the Sphinx, the Sphinx either throws itself from a high rock to its death, or devours itself. We decided to go for the Hollywood ending. Please reread the strip with this in mind–and imagine the fourth panel slows to a freeze frame, and then some text comes up on the screen.

Conquest and War opened a detective firm two years later. They remain the best of friends.
The Sphinx moved to Milwaukee, found an ex-manticore tabby cat, and had a beautiful litter of kittens. He keeps in touch.
Pestilence ran for President. Chloe is now his Secretary of the Interior.
Ted changed his name and moved to Hollywood. You might know him as Rodney Dangerfield.

No respect! See you Monday.