Roughly the shape of a papasan chair

Posted Mon, 2/22/2010 by Dave

Admit it–you have always wanted to sit on Pestilence. Okay, probably not. But you have to wonder–is he roughly the same consistency as a beanbag chair? Or would he be more like some kind of gel pack, or a stress ball? Corn starch? Stretch Armstrong? Thanks to the cat, we have some data. Perhaps we shall collect more in the future.

Also, that darn cat needs a name! We might just end up calling it Sphinx or something, but if you’ve got a good suggestion leave it in the comments. I think the kitty’s here to stay, so it would be nice to give it a worthy moniker.

Or a Grecian Urn

Posted Mon, 2/22/2010 by Joe

…Dave, I think the desire to sit on Pestilence may be yours and yours alone.

As an artistic note, Pestilence presents a strange duality. He’s by far the easiest to draw by hand, but one of the more difficult characters to render digitally. Long, smooth arcs are cake to do with a pencil, but translating that same line into a stroke on the Wacom? Nigh impossible!