Free space by-design

Posted Thu, 09/03/2009 by Dave in response to Discussion Section Bingo

I lied earlier–we actually did two double-tall comics for the Cav Daily, this being the other (though Scott McCloud may argue that this isn’t a comic…I can’t quite remember where he draws the line). This may be inspired by the “Family Guy Bingo Card” that made a bit of a round on the net (Google it), as well as the average college student’s sense of pattern recognition. We only had one report of a person actually playing this in class, but for what it’s worth I seem to recall that they got a bingo!

However, you cannot win this bingo card with the “postage stamp” layout. That’s a lie perpetuated on the bingo community. We must root it out at its source–the United States Postal Service. Only then will our bingo be free.