It’s hard to make truly original office jokes

Posted Mon, 3/22/2010 by Dave

Hard, but dang, we’re gonna try. Conquest has long been perfect for entering the world of middle management, and this week’s going to be our foray into that murky, murky world–ideally without colliding too intently with jokes that were previously used in Dilbert, The Office, Office Space, Office Office…actually, I don’t think many of you know that last one, so we’d probably be good there.

Your votes are working fantastically! We’ve broken into the 600s in placement. Keep it up!

Word to my homeys

Posted Mon, 3/22/2010 by Joe

One of the curious things about being “that friend who can draw” is the occasional portrait request. So here you are, three people I know! Enjoy. Oh, and I used a slightly thicker brush than in Friday’s comic. Thanks for your patience while I fiddle about.

As Dave said, the Top Web Comics poll is going strong! We even made it to the front page of their “Real Life” listing. Keep on clicking that vote button, dear readers! We’ll put up a new incentive soon, so vote every day!