After they put on the lederhosen and everything

Posted Sat, 09/05/2009 by Dave in response to Meeting The Boys Part 5

It was actually War who orchestrated their goodbye presentation for Enigma, which is why he looks so crestfallen in panel 3. War has a great innate ability to choreograph–it probably comes from the years of studying the more flippy-swoosh-and-kick martial arts. He also has a big passion for musicals, but hates musicals with four-letter titles passionately (e.g., Cats, Rent and Hair).

I lied, that part is just me. Can’t stand ’em.

Footnote: 1776, by virtue of being numbers, is spared my dislike.


Posted Sat, 09/05/2009 by Joe in response to Meeting The Boys Part 5

You shut your mouth. “Let the Sun Shine In” is a beautiful, powerful piece of heart-wrenching hippie grief.