Squeezing out one last vuvuzela joke before 2011

Posted Fri, 12/24/2010 by Dave

You’ll recognize a rather diverse guest cast in today’s comic–Barry, the Headless Horseman, from an arc during our Cavalier Daily days; Count Clemente, Conquest’s father-in-law, introduced just a year ago; and the World Cup Kudu, seen during Webcat’s trip to South Africa.

New Year’s resolution: stop inventing new characters and use the ones we’ve made up. Like Screaming Bowtie Guy, or Ghost Audrey Hepburn.

Oh that we could always see such spirist through the year

Posted Fri, 12/24/2010 by Joe

It was a lot of fun to draw Barry again. Perhaps he’ll be showing up more in the future…?!?!

By means of explanation for the tardy updates as of late, I’ve been feverishly attempting to both get my graduate school applications out on time and participate in the typical Christmas-Tyme rituals. It being the season to say such things, I truly appreciate those of you who actually read our little strip. Here’s to another great year!