A Crappy Controversy Chronicle

Posted Wed, 08/12/2009 by Dave in response to Clever Citation

Oh, and here’s the other thing that totally wrecked our introductory arc–a comic controversy in the middle of the arc that put the entire comics page on strike in a show of solidarity. The entire flare-up was pretty ridiculous, and the response from the CD was completely spineless. The end result was that the author in question lost his position, all but three of about a ten comics quit with him, and our comic made way, way less sense. Thus, 4H was thrust prematurely out of its infancy and into the harsh glare of the limelight.

But hey, we got a sweet V for Vendetta homage out of it, right?

Actually, I can take no credit for this one–it was Joe start to finish. He got the idea, did the scripting, did the art (duh) and sent it off.