The food for every occasion

Posted Sat, 09/05/2009 by Dave in response to Meeting The Boys Part 2

Ah, the toaster pastry incident. I remember it fondly.

All of us (Joe, myself, numerous other folk) are sitting in Tucker Lounge, our residential college’s de facto hangout place. Joe puts in some toaster pastries and waits on them. After a time, one guy, Chris, goes over to the kitchen, stops and stands and looks at something.

“Guys, the toaster’s on fire.”
No reaction from everyone.
Slightly more urgently, “guys, the toaster is on fire!”
Minimal response.

We caught it before it was really a problem (though it took at least two people to operate the fire extinguisher, which sort of defeats the purpose. Sadly, the fire alarm still went off and everyone still had to file outside. Irritating.

Oh, there’s a comic I can talk about too?! When Enigma started coming together we knew we wanted to try and play with stereotypes about ninjas, at least a little. So, Enigma has no apparent connection to Japan, and doesn’t really seem to have a compelling reason to have ninja training. I think it may be a family thing (though really that just substitutes one question for another, of how Portugese-Swiss people become ninja). If we can find a compelling reason for Enigma to be a ninja, we’ll probably do a comic about it.

Maybe it was just one of those things, like how most little girls want to be ballerinas or do gymnastics–Enigma was just more…specialized in her dreams.