Apartment 4H is A GHOST

Posted Wed, 10/31/2012 by Dave

Rise from your grave! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the spook-tacular return of Apartment 4H! Yes, that’s right, a new Halloween comic, followed by more other comics, probably! We’ll be trying to settle back into a relatively normal update schedule from here on out. Stay tuned!

This year’s cast, from left to right, approximately:

Joe Medwid (artist) – Sexy Sax Man, Sexy Sax Man (Internet Meme)
David Rhodenbaugh (writer) – Sexy Sax Man, Sexy Sax Man (Internet Meme)
Enigma – Maya, Borderlands 2 (Video Game)
Conquest – Handsome Jack, Borderlands 2 (Video Game)
Pestilence – Gasbag, Bastion (Video Game)
Ted – The Kid, Bastion (Video Game)
War – The Hulk, Marvel’s The Avengers (Film/Comic Book)
Death – Judge Death, 2000 A.D. (Comic Book)

(Insert Chant From Dark Knight Rises Here)

Posted Wed, 10/31/2012 by Joe

It’s true, dear readers! Every last word! The tentative plan is to ease into things with Tuesday / Thursday updates before roaring back into a full-on M/W/F comic whirlwind. Look for new strips next week, as well as a website overhaul!

In the meantime, perhaps you might enjoy a wallpaper-sized version of today’s strip. Spoooooky.