The Virus de Milo

Posted Mon, 8/9/2010 by Dave

One of the parts of our little mythology we’ve tried to unpack has been the immortal nature of the horsemen. After all, they’ve seen more than one purported apocalypse–it’s just bad luck (or good luck, I suppose, for us) that none of them have panned out so far. And given their somewhat fantastic nature, surely they have to have meddled in the affairs of history more than once. And picked up some souvenirs along the way. So, this week we’ll put on our haggling hats and show off some of the things the boys may have come across over the years.


Posted Mon, 8/9/2010 by Joe

I seem to have shot myself in the foot even moreso than usual today but drawing a detailed background, then proceding to completely cover it with figures. Ah, well. For those interseted, here’s a high-res scan of the initial sketch. How many of the 12 (give or take) Legendary Artifacts can YOU name?