War used POLKATECH LVL 3! …but it failed!

Posted Mon, 10/05/2009 by Dave in response to Choose Your Party

If roleplaying game standards are to be believed, Ted is in for a very rough time. Third edition D&D, which, as we all know, is based firmly on reality, gives your average first-level commoner stats that are more or less identical to a housecat. In fact, arguably housecats have the edge, at least in a head-on-head fight. So remember that, the next time you see a cat. I hope, for your sake, you’re actually a first-level adept or something.

And why don’t more bards pick brass instruments as their class musical proficiency? The noble sackbutt (trombone) may be slightly less portable than the average lute, and perhaps tougher to repair in a pinch, but if jazz is your thing the lute is clearly a niche instrument, like the vibraphone. With all the marching band people–trombonists, actually–I know who’ve played pen-and-paper RPGs for years, I have yet to encounter the Trombone-playing bard. Someone let me know what the deal is with that.

Not enough MP

Posted Mon, 10/05/2009 by Joe in response to Choose Your Party

I’ve actually brooded for long periods at a time over how the horsemen would look if we were to make a 4H RPG. Conquest would naturally be a Thief, with a bit of Engineer mixed in, War would get a chance to express his creative side, and Pestilence… well… all I knew is that he would cast “Bio” a lot.

As you can see, we’re working with Friday’s drawing style a bit more this week. I figure that I’ve done the strip by hand for two and a half years, I can give this new technique a full week, at the very least. No poll this time, but if you still have any comments, concerns or criticism, Dave and I highly encourage you to check out the Contact Page, and let us know your thoughts via email.