I prefer the Billy Joel song, really

Posted Monday, 09/14/2009 by Dave in response to Under Pressure

Hey, check out Joe’s brief Pittsburgh Comic-con recap below!

I’m not entirely sure why but the sensation of wet cardboard ranks highly on my list of “really unpleasant textures.” It may have something to do with a trip to Cleveland one summer, where I spent the day repacking bags of soap, some of which had ruptured and rendered their boxes unsuitable for shipping. Floppy cardboard just really grosses me out…so I’m quite glad I’m not War. A soggy paper landslide? Count me out.

Jason, Orthner, and yes, Joe too get props as some of the people who have convinced me that cardboard can do anything. Some of the architectural models I’ve seen rendered in nothing fancier than plain old corrugated and regular paper really blew my mind. And, heck, who can forget when Orthner made Joe that beer-box suit of armor for his birthday? (Joe, obligatory pic needed). Also, my dad deserves a shout-out; his victory in the single crew class of New Richmond, Ohio’s cardboard boat regatta a number of years ago looms large in my memory (probably because as I write this I’m sitting underneath the commemorative paddle from that day).

Until Wednesday, I truly hope that any cardboard you interact with is perfectly dry, and hopefully rendered as a tasteful model of Fallingwater.