Dear Valued Neighbor

Posted Sat, 9/3/2011 by Dave

You know, it strikes me that we’ve danced around the subject of Ted’s last name, whether it’s from laziness or just plain not knowing what to call him.

Quick story: when Ted got his name, it was because we wanted to make him an everyman kind of character–something short, the kind of thing you’d have your cousin called. I’m pretty sure that the specific origin for his name was the boyfriend of a girl who lived up the stairwell at the time. Joe was initially hesitant to call him Ted, but after a couple of weeks of doing sketches and working on the very first few comics that would become 4H Club, agreed that Ted was a worthy moniker.

Boy, I hope I haven’t already talked about this exact same thing in the archives.

Da Bears

Posted Sat, 9/3/2011 by Joe

While Dave was characteristically thinking deep thoughts about character development and continuity, all I could ponder while drawing this strip was “How many strips have had bears in them, anyway?” I’ve ventured a quick guess of five non-Chloe bear appearances.