All-Roosevelt, all-cervidae, all the time

Posted Sun, 09/13/2009 by Dave in response to Bully

For some reason we really were hitting the moose-and-Teddy angle pretty hard at the start of the semester…can’t imagine what was causing it. Unfortunately this strip’s punchline is a little bit compromised by the staging in panel 3. That is, in fact, Teddy getting shot, by the same guy, who’s now wielding a gun fit to kill a bull moose.

The problem stems from the fact that it’s just so cool to watch a guy’s head explode in slow-mo, even more so for TR. Who cares about the gun in panel 3? Show us more Teddy! We don’t care about some assassin whose name is lost to history because he failed miserably at killing the greatest president ever (John Schrank, actually).

The most incredible part of this comic didn’t make it into the Cavalier Daily due to print restrictions–the next three panels where Teddy Roosevelt regenerates his head, grows a pair of antlers and gores Schrank, mortally wounding him. Then he tramples him with his mooselike hands and feet. Then he brings him back to life as a Bull Moose thrall, doomed to walk America for eternity, going door-to-door getting the vote out.