What pumpkin?

Posted Fri, 11/19/2010 by Dave

I could lie and say that the time travel shenanigans in this arc were entirely uninfluenced by Homestuck, from MS Paint Adventures. It would be a really poor lie–far poorer now that Joe, too, reads that fell timesink.

Curious as to what exactly is going on here? Well, let me spell it out now, because who knows if we’ll get to it through exposition. The Horsemen’s attempt to sabotage Time’s system has become something of a temporal loop–not an uncommon occurrence where time travel is involved. But this one keeps iterating, and it’s slightly different every time. For instance, in some loops, Ted isn’t wearing his Tron: Legacy-themed costume. In some loops, he agrees more readily than others to help the horsemen. This loop is unusual because while Young Ted has turned up before, and has even arrived in Time’s Domain, he has never accompanied Ted on their little quest for the computer.

What does this portend? What, indeed.