Camp is over!

Posted Fri, 6/4/2010 by Dave

I have to say, this was one of our more successful little arcs, by the benchmarks that I keep in my head. I should give credit where credit is due.
– Pete, for helping dream up all kinds of ridiculous merit badges
– Josh, for some ridiculous scouting stories
– Ben, for giving the inspiration that started this arc…sorry it took like half a year to get around to executing it.
…and everyone who shared their own stories about scouting or commented on how they too would love to learn the art of trepanning from our nation’s leading youths. You terrify us (in a good way). We hope to return to camp Idanwannabeha soon. Perhaps next summer…

Rush of Knowledge

Posted Fri, 6/4/2010 by Joe

For those unfamiliar with this modern medical miracle, here’s the wiki link for Trepanning.