Posted Sat, 08/15/2009 by Dave in response to …Rorschach

I’m pretty sure Rorschach wasn’t written in to the original script for this one, and that it was an embellishment by Joe.

Yeah, after checking the script apparently it was just “a crazy dude with a sandwich board.” But really, folks, we love Alan Moore. Or at least we tolerate Alan Moore. Certainly we’d like to be as famous and well-respected as Alan Moore, though that’s a different thing from being like Alan Moore.

Anyway, this was part of the redone opener arc–instead of one lump introduction of the horsemen we actually went through and features them, one to a comic, causing some kind of mischief and getting in the way during Ted’s day-to-day life. Some day we should actually put up the original arc on the site (though really, it was pretty bad. Joe and I agree on that much.)

Yet another note (and yet another paragraph), this may be the only on-panel instance of Death killing someone in the comic. Shock/horror!