It’s easy to look angry in a fedora

Posted Sun, 09/13/2009 by Dave in response to Semester 3 Opener

And so our tradition of previewing some of the story lines continues, as does the fight to explain the name of the comic. We weren’t that much more successful in year 2.

The second panel “election fever” story never reached fruition, at least, never in the sense I imagined it when this strip was penned. I anticipated Conquest and War squaring off as the heads of two rival political parties in the local election (undoubtedly, War would be Bull Moose, Conquest would probably be a Whig). There would be hilarity as they both propose increasingly radical and bizarre reform measures as part of their platforms, until they ultimately either reconcile, implode, or lose the election to Pestilence (running on the Know-Nothing Party ballot, tee-hee). It was a fun idea, maybe I’ll take another crack at it in a few years when the next election rolls around.