Even more exciting than yesterday!

Posted Tue, 7/06/2010 by Dave

Hey gang! Take a look at Enigma’s bold new character redesign, although I’m afraid you won’t get to see her much in the comic from now on. You see, since we’re aiming at syndication, we have to keep the character tropes down to ones that our future newspaper readers will recognize–like the hooker with a heart of gold, the absentminded professor, or the oil baron who’s been haplessly transported through time to a world he no longer understands! So, no more ninjas.

Pestilence sure loves that bone! Ha ha!

Let’s Hope It’s Worth It!

Posted Tue, 7/06/2010 by Joe

Man, I’m really loving doing these daily strips in the new style, folks! I think, though, it’s starting to take a toll on my health. My entire body feels hot and itchy and I’m sweating all the time now. The fever’s gone, at least. Yeesh, I’m hungry… and itchy…