DHL comes through again, shipping those dissections

Posted Tue, 09/01/2009 by Dave in response to Pants Optional

The guy who does Dilbert (Scott Adams) did a pretty good treatise of how the future, with the prominence of the internet and its many applications in business and education, will obsolete the need for pants. This causes a crisis of its own because of the inconvenient scenarios in which pants are considered necessary, but those of us at home lounging around in our briefs won’t be wearing them. Yikes! Keep your pants on, folks, and I’ll have Joe keep the pants on our characters.

Incidentally, the “Conquest as a doctor” thing is something we should abuse more often. Heck, the “Conquest following through on a scheme to the point where he would actually make money” is something we should abuse more often.

Also, note who is wearing pants in panel 3. I suppose Pestilence has a want not, waste not view on trousers.