Snort two lines and call me in the morning

Posted Tue, 09/01/2009 by Dave in response to The Many Uses of Unicorn

Admission: this was probably inspired by my relentless playing of Nethack, in which a unicorn horn is an essential survival tool.

Man, people in our comic seem to be able to handle really weird stuff. Ted doesn’t seem to really mind that much at all the stuff the horsemen pull, Enigma starts dating Death in stride, with no rough transition (though we still haven’t gotten to that, have we, dear reader?), and this guy doesn’t even bat an eyelash when Conquest points to the window and a mystical beast stands outside, ready to bite anyone who would dare to turn its precious horn into a cure-all.

Heh, this also raises the question, why would the unicorn make as if to bite him if it could just gore him with its horn? Maybe it’s a warning nibble. Unicorns are nice like that.