Posted Wed, 10/6/2010 by Dave

We never really discuss our comic’s quaint setting–that is to say, the town of Greenwood. Where is it? How big is it? What is its history? These are questions we probably don’t know the answers to. Useless, right? Well, on the bright side, we can answer some oddly specific questions about Greenwood. For instance, I assume it must be a pretty walkable city, because aside from Enigma (who owns a Mini Cooper, presumably so she can drive to visit her folks in Missouri) and Screaming Bowtie Guy, none of the cast seems to own a car.

What else can we answer that’s oddly specific? Greenwood has a history of little league teams. Greenwood has at least one elementary school. Greenwood has comparable seasonal temperatures to either Pittsburgh or Cincinnati or Charlottesville, cities of note for Joe and myself. And by virtue of Enigma’s origin, Greenwood is not in Missouri.

Well, that cleared a lot up.