John Carpenter, eat your heart out

Posted Mon, 11/23/2009 by Dave

It was sort of inevitable we would do a swine flu joke. I mean, come on, one of our principal characters is the embodiment of plague and disease. Hopefully, we took it in a direction that was…less than expected. Mad props to rebkos, whose suggestion inspired this strip.

Those of you familiar with Dungeons and Dragons may be able to deduce that Pestilence’s mutated form in panel 4 is based on the Gibbering Mouther, a creature which looks like vomit that grew eyes and fangs.

See you Wednesday, when the turkey may become something equally grotesque.


Posted Mon, 11/23/2009 by Joe

Many thanks to our friend Rebecca Koslover for suggesting the idea for this script to us!

I’ve learned a lot of things looking at reference material for this comic. Many useful tidbits from Wikipedia, various bits of animal anatomy, how to Crank That Soulja Boy… Today, though, I learned that the Blizzard team that designed Yogg-Saron was totally lazy. That Gibbering Mouther is leaps and bounds more disturbing than this major World of Warcraft boss. Also, Tarasque. I’m not sure any monster is more badass than the Tarasque.